Error: Could not find sample "openfl-samples" in project "lime"


Im new and just installed haxe/lime/openfl. Im trying to list the sample projects for openfl.
Everytime i tried to lime create open fl . It listed out an error:
Error: Could not find sample "openfl" in project "lime"

I’ve tried haxelib local openfl-samples-2,1, too but it seems that it does not help.

Any idea what I’m probably missing? Thanks.

Hmm, this looks like a minor regression. Here’s what I would recommend:

haxelib run openfl setup
openfl create

This should list all the OpenFL samples, as expected :slight_smile:

thanks @singmajesty . now im able to create sample. yay! :smile:
does this mean i should use openfl command line tool and skip lime now for creating new projects?

Sure, we’re going to update documentation to likely recommend “openfl” over “lime”, to prevent confusion and to shorten some commands (such as openfl create PiratePig instead of lime create openfl PiratePig)