Error Admob : Could not find


Anyone can help this issue :



I wonder if updating to a newer Android SDK also requires a newer version of admob? A mismatch in Google Play services?


Yes, it’s because admob. Because I update my google play service to the latest version 49 instead of version 29.

Is there any change to update library admob and google play service so compatible with the latest version 49. Since at this moment only compatible with google play service version 29. I think version 29 already out of date.



I’m also using latest Android SDK 28, not sure about play service version though, but have no problems.
How do you update to 49? I can test on my side.


I’m using auto update from sdk manager.

Here’s my tools and extras current version :


And my library current version with hxcpp 4.0.4 :


I tried solution :

I changed extension-admob/1,6,4/dependencies/admobex/build.gradle into :

It’s give me different error :

and if I change it again into :

It’s give me error :

Note : My project build successful if I remove extension-admob library from project.xml.


Here is the current settings in my Native Android Project : may be it can help you debug.

Here is the Kotlin plugin: it just got updated to 1.3.11 after AS 3.3 RC2

classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.3.11"

Gradle Version :

Google Services Plugin
classpath ''

In Build.gradle
apply plugin:'kotlin-android'

Admob Dependency :

apply plugin: ''

Note that now Admob SDK asks you to enter your app id (from Admob pannel) to be in Manifest.xml
Like this:

        android:value="ca-app-pub-0000000000~0000000000" />


It’s still give the same error

My extension-admob/1,6,4/dependencies/admobex/build.gradle

Did anyone use extension-admob 1.6.4 with all latest android sdk version like my version above and build successful?

Because I’m really stuck here.


Even I tried extension-googleplaygames :

My build error too

Maybe both extension version already out of date?

Is there any change to update both extension-admob and extension-googleplaygames, since last update was 2 years ago (except fixed JNI issue 6 month ago)?


Also Android NDK that work only until version 15.
Version 16, 17, 18 Build failed.

Android NDK archieve :
Lime setup Android :

Note : I tried all version NDK 12, 13, 14, 15 and it’s always give same Error Could not find when I’m adding extension-admob (1.6.4) / extension-googleplaygames. Without extension-admob / extension-googleplaygames, build was successful.


Hello @pozirk, have you tried to update your google play service and other like my version above?

Was extension-admob 1.6.4 and extension-googleplayservices-basement 1.1.0 build successful?


Sorry, still had no time for this.


Hello, still no news about this issue?