Error adding Robotlegs to new Openfl project

When adding latest Robotlegs to a new Openfl project I get the following error on compile. Any idea’s why this error occurs? Is it missing the BaseSignal library?

Source/robotlegs/signal/Signal.hx:173: characters 38-58 : Type not found : BaseSignal

I am using latest Haxe, Openfl and robotlegs libraries.

Yeah, that looks incorrect

Does it work if you replace BaseSignal<Callback> with SignalType or with Signal0Type, Signal1Type<T>, Signal2Type<T, K> for the three different abstracts?

Looks like work in progress may have been pushed. I commented out the offending 3 sets of functions in the Robotlegs Signal.hx and all seems to work fine now. Thank you!

/*public function priority(value:Int):BaseSignal {
trace(“not implemented”);
return this;
} */
/public function repeat(value:Int = -1):BaseSignal {
trace(“not implemented”);
return this;