Encrypt/Scamble Data For Game Save

Hey Guys,

I’m currently writing a save system for a PC game that creates text files to store data in a save folder using FileOutput/FileInput, which works fine. I was just wondering if anyone knew a quick and simple way of just jumbling up the String or ByteArray so that if the player tries to modify their save it’s not obvious. AKA go into the file, find money and add 1000000 gold to there save.

I have limited knowledge of ByteArrays etc, but it doesn’t need to be super secure or anything. Just need to encrypt the file on save and decrypt it using a key or whatever on loading that save to return it to the original data.



You could use base64 http://api.haxe.org/haxe/crypto/Base64.html to encode your data before saving and decoding when reading.

Yea that seemed to do the trick. Thanks!