Embed multiple SWFs

I am prety new to openfl as well as AS3, and m porting a game from AS3 to openfl. In AS3 there are 2 swfs embedded. I was ablt to load one swf in openfl. However, I cannot embed two swfs

My entires in project.xml are as follows -

<assets path="assets/" include="*.swf" />
<!-- optimize output
<haxeflag name="-dce full" /> -->
<!--<haxelib name="swf" />
<library path="assets/background.swf" id="swf-library" preload="true" generate="true" type="swf" />-->

<library path="assets/background.swf" id="background" preload="true" type="swf" />
<library path="assets/assets.swf" id="assets" preload="true" type="swf" />

and in code I am using

background = Assets.getMovieClip ("background:content");
_content = Assets.getMovieClip ("assets:content");

background.swf embeds fine, however, for assets.swf it gives me an error - " [openfl.Assets] There is no asset library named “assets” "

I was able to load them using generated=“true” attribute for both swfs. However, for that I had to change the name of movieclip in one of the swf (as both swfs had movie clip anmed “content”).
Than too shall be great if anyone can assist of how to do it without “generated” attribute.

Recent versions of the SWF library I believe support a “prefix” property, to automatically prefix a value before all the generated classes, so if you used <library path="assets.swf" type="swflite" generate="true" prefix="Asset" /> then it would generate AssetContent instead of only Content to help prevent name collisions :slight_smile:

oh cool I will surely try that thank you