ECX (ecx-common library ?) and Asteroid example impossible to compile)

I am trying to have a look on ECX Entity•Component•System.
But can’t find ecx-common library on haxelib.
So I tried to copy/paste the “ecx-common” branch inside ecx library.
But then I am having missing files to succeed to compile the Asteroid example.
Am I doing wrong something I did not realize ?

You can install directly from git repository: haxelib git ecx-common


Sweet Jesus.
So simple with haxelib/GIT.
I have to admit I’m not enough a command line user/thinker.
With truth, thank you Misiur.

Thanks for the GIT trick. I did not even know I had to install it to let haxelib cooperate with. ^^’

After a bunch of missing files.
In fact there was a difference between haxelib install ecx and haxelib git ecx https://… a couple of files missing.
But corrected by haxelib git of ecx.