Easier Method of Utilizing Tiled Map Data?

I’m using tiled for the map in my game, and I’m doing a convoluted method where I am extracting from JSON using reflection, and then adding to an array, and creating tilesheets and collisions based on that.

Now I’m looking at Heaps.io and they have built in functions for extraction. I was wondering whether OpenFL has anything like that, or how you guys are handling this procedure and whether we are all doing things manually in a convoluted way.

To avoid messing with reflection you can make typedefs instead of using dynamics.
To make a typedef from an ugly json string either you do it by hand or (shameless self plug incoming) you generate the typedef definitions with this handy dandy class I made.

You feed your json in there and it spits haxe code. Drop that code into a .hx file and you got yourself structures ready to use :+1: