-Dwebgl and other flags?


I would like to know, when to use -Dwebgl?
Also, what are all possible compilation flags? is there a documentation for them?

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No, unfortunately this isn’t really documented.

Lime has -Dwebgl, -Dcanvas, -Dcairo and -Ddom to force specific renderer types. WebGL is the default, canvas is the default fallback if WebGL fails for HTML5. GL is the default on desktop and mobile, Cairo is the fallback if it is not vailable.

-Ddom is the only method that is available only by request right now

So, what’s the difference between -Dwebgl and <haxedef name="webgl" if="html5" /> ? what does D stand for?

-D stands for “define,” and haxedef stands for “Haxe define.” They’re the same thing.

If you look in the generated .hxml files, you’ll see a -D flag corresponding to each <haxedef /> tag in project.xml.

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