on html5, DropShadowFilter makes some noisy edges on my vector graphics made in Animate.


Is there a way to improve the rendering ? I’ll try to convert my vector to bitmap in Animate, but I have the same result.

What if you use Export as Bitmap in Adobe Animate? That should cause it to do the drop-shadow itself, and to output that in the SWF output that we process. That gets the same look you have in Animate, without keeping the asset from being editable

If I Export as Bitmap with the DropShadow made in Animate, it works of course. Thanks for the tips. But I need to do that for all animated parts of the character otherwise I can’t have it animated :slight_smile:
I guess the openfl DropShadowFilter needs some improvement!

Yeah, ultimately it comes back to having a good gaussian blur implementation. With a blur implementation that’s fast and high quality, that forms the backbone for implementing glow, blur and drop shadow properly