DropShadowFilter in OpenFL "Legacy" vs OpenFL "New"?

Could anyone explain me why in OpenFL 3.6.0 when building for native targets (windows e.g.) knockout and strength parameters of DropShadowFilter do absolutely nothing?

On the contrary, compiling with set name=“openfl-legacy” makes them work okay, just like on the Flash target. Is there any reason to use “new” OpenFL over legacy? Looks like many things are broken :confused:

The old code used a software render for filters, we want to use hardware shaders, this feature is “nearly” supported.

The new code is shared on HTML5, mobile, desktop and upcoming console support. It works with Lime (and the APIs it exposes) and is much easier to maintain. Depending on your project, you can decide to choose which path to use, we plan to continue to evolve the newer codebase