DropShadowFilter html5 runs slow

Is it possible to add DropShadowFilter, to tilemap? When i add filter to sprite containing tilemap, fps drops from 60 to 30. I made simple experiment where i can test filters and it runs very slow.

You should be able to apply it to the Tilemap but not to individual tiles

DropShadowFilter requires a render-to-texture multiple times in order to apply blur for the effect, so yeah it’s potentially quite expensive… you could try lowering the “quality” setting on the filter?

I tried lowering quality, but it still requires too much resources and looks horrible :frowning:
Is there any way to get same result using shaders? I need shadow filter or bevel filter, and later on mask+displacement map filter. I’ve been developing new game for 3 months now, and reached the point where i should add effects.

The multiple render-to-texture pass approach I was talking about uses shaders. We have a software version of the filter as well (it looks a bit different) that runs if you use bitmapData.draw or another feature that forces software rendering