DropshadowFilter Bug (double textField)

Hi/ The bug founded in :

var tf:TextField = new TextField();
			tf.mouseEnabled = false;
			tf.filters = [new DropShadowFilter(2, 45, 0, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2)];
			tf.text = text;
			tf.textColor = 0xFFFFFF;

Browser.window.addEventListener("resize" , onResize);

After resize the window - text field doubles, original stays resized with dropshadow, newest, such as - not resized and not dropshadow.

Please check it. If the bug not appeared please test it on “embed” / custom font’s

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Anybody ? What news about it ?

This is a known issue, does it behave any differently/better if you force software, like -Dcairo or -Dcanvas?

It’s an issue with the gaussian blur implementation (probably), but we’re busy with a renderer API change to manage OpenGL state better. I was hoping to look at this after

any differently/better if you force software, like -Dcairo or -Dcanvas? No diffrence, bug appeared. And in console error shown after resize

Uncaught RangeError: Source is too large
    at Uint8Array.set (<anonymous>)
    at Function.lime_graphics_utils_ImageDataUtil.copyPixels (BORProject.js:22566)
    at lime_graphics_Image.copyPixels (BORProject.js:14212)
    at openfl_display_BitmapData.copyPixels (BORProject.js:49696)
    at openfl_text_TextField.__updateCacheBitmap (BORProject.js:3016)
    at openfl_text_TextField.__updateCacheBitmap (BORProject.js:76021)
    at openfl_text_TextField.__renderCanvas (BORProject.js:75352)
    at views_BaseButton.__renderCanvas (BORProject.js:3945)
    at openfl_display_Sprite.__renderCanvas (BORProject.js:3945)

Hi. No news about it???

Not yet, still busy with the refactor, though getting closer to things stabilizing again :slight_smile: