drawTiles and Sprite Dimensions

Hi! I’ve spent some more time trying to get my project working in OpenFL 3, and I want to give some more feedback.

The biggest problem I’m facing right now is that my project relies heavily on knowing the dimensions of a Sprite for placement of other Sprites. But it looks like in the new version, Graphics.drawTiles always sets the target graphics object’s dimensions to the stage width and height.

Is there any way to change that behavior? As an option, maybe? It’s very possible I’m just missing an option that’s already there.

By the way, I’m not sure if it matters, but I’m not using any rotation or scaling. Sometimes I use a 2x2 translation matrix though.

These are my versions now:
hxcpp: 3.2.81
lime: 2.3.2
openfl: 3.0.2

This is one is hard, because I don’t know how we can detect the size (with transforms) without hurting the rendering performance. It might be done? I know that this is not ideal, but I want to make sure we don’t make the wrong compromise

I guess that makes sense. For my purposes, scaling and rotation aren’t necessary, though, so I’d rather have access to the information than not.

For now I’ve edited my copy of Graphics.hx so that it uses the tile bounds if the call explicitly sets count to 1. It seems to be working fine.

By the way, how was it done in v2? Was transformation just ignored?

I think in v2 it did a render pass to determine bounds and hit tests, which could end up storing/remembering the dimensions