DrawQuads in earlier versions

hi all :slight_smile: ,
i don’t know if right, but i’ve read somewhere online that drawQuads is available in v.8.0.0 …

What my present situation is ,that i can’t upgrade to 8.0.0 as the code i’m going to write will be going to be run on systems which have the same old versions, so i don’t have any hope but…

Is there any kind of way/method/workaround to make the “drawQuads” available in my project ?
It will be really helpful to get ANY kind of solution…


What prevents the older versions from being updated?

You could use Tilemap, is that good enough for your needs?

For old OpenFL, there’s ways you could port drawQuads using a custom DisplayObject or OpenGLView, but it could be tricky

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hi, :slight_smile:
thanks for the reply,

I’m writing extensions for Stencyl, it comes with older versions of openfl, so users all over world can’t update…

I earlier had looked into Tilemap, but unfortunately it was not in need for mine…

I will be grateful if i could get even the tricky-way working for me… :slight_smile:


What version of OpenFL is it using now?

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Openfl Version is 3.6.1 i think and that of lime is 2.9

Hmm, I thought that Stencyl was running a newer version of OpenFL, now, is that in the latest release of Stencyl, or is it still under development? @justin_espedal

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That is in the latest Public release ( 3.4 of stencyl). they said in the 3.5 v of stencyl , they will update to the latest of openfl…

( Sorry i replied while not asked to me :slight_smile: )

Since greatanthony inquired in our discord channel I left the question here alone. Sorry to leave you hanging! We’ve seen a lot of setbacks in releasing Stencyl 3.5, but it’s been using OpenFL 8 since that was released.

Stencyl 3.4 still uses the legacy versions – OpenFL 3.6.1 and Lime 2.9.1.

Since it wouldn’t be simple to reimplement all the newer OpenFL features, I’d recommend developing only for Stencyl 3.5, which will later be available for everybody, if that’s possible for you.

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Why not! I’ll happily wait for it then…

It was a requirement, but it’s ok to wait and do it that time… :slight_smile:


You could try using graphics.drawTiles, which was available in OpenFL 3.6.1, it was not the same as drawQuads, but is sort of a similar idea, then migrate to drawQuads when upgrading or use #if (openfl >= "8.0.0") ... #else ... #end to support both

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thanks very much! :slight_smile: