Dragonbones samples fail to build?

See the dragonbones repo: https://github.com/openfl/dragonbones

I attempted to build and launch the HelloDragonbones sample, but received the following compilation error:

./src/dragonBones/factories/BaseFactory.cpp(443): error C2664: 'bool openfl::_Vector::BoolVector_obj::set(int,bool)': cannot convert argument 2 from 'dragonBones::Armature' to 'bool'
./src/dragonBones/factories/BaseFactory.cpp(443): note: No user-defined-conversion operator available that can perform this conversion, or the operator cannot be called
include\openfl/_Vector/BoolVector.h(109): note: see declaration of 'openfl::_Vector::BoolVector_obj::set'

For whatever reason, I can see in the generated CPP for dragonBones that the following line is called:

HXLINE( 270)			 ::openfl::_Vector::BoolVector displayList = slot->get_displayList();

However, this does not correspond with the corresponding line in Haxe:

var displayList:Vector<Object> = slot.displayList; // Copy.

I am at a loss on how to resolve this defect. Any advice?