Drag and Drop with Starling?

Trying to implement a draggable table in my game that will be used for item purchases. Having said that I am looking for tutorials on how to do just that within the starling object. On starling as far as I could see startDrag() is not available, not sure how to implement this in my code.

Ok I managed to make the items moveable but I want to be able to mask the object and only move the items inside the mask. This is what I have so far:

The container has Nothing special going on here
store = new Store();
store.x = 176;
store.y = 226;
store.mask = maskObject;

The draggable movie clip

var pos = 0;
        var spacing = 20;
        var initCounter = 0;

        var elements = xml.elements;

        for(element in elements){
        	var item:StoreItem = new StoreItem(element.node.name.innerData,element.node.image.innerData,element.node.description.innerData,element.node.amount.innerData,element.node.ammo.innerData,element.node.weapon_max_level.innerData);  
			var yPos = (item.height*initCounter)+spacing;
			item.y = yPos;




        this.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH, onStoreTouch);


     this.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH, onTouch);
    public function onStoreTouch(e:TouchEvent){
    		var t:Touch = e.getTouch(Starling.current.stage);

    			case "moved":
    				//moved finger/mouse
    				 var touches:Vector<Touch> = e.getTouches(this, TouchPhase.MOVED);
    	            // one finger touching -> move
    	            var delta:Point = touches[0].getMovement(this);
    	            y += delta.y;


Now when I drag the clip it is dragging the mask along with the items inside the mask. I only want to drag the items inside