Downloaded and saved assets integrity issue doubt

In my Android app I have following method to download and save assets needed:

  1. Download several zip files contains image assets;
  2. Unzip zip files, and save all images in internal folder.

I’m saving about 200 images in a row when decompression of a single zip is done, using a ThreadPool(0,3) to write files.
In your opinion, is possible to have a file corruption during unzipping or saving of that files?
Is there a way to have a checksum to check file integrity?

I’m thinking about this kind of issue because I’ve some strange behaviors after asset downloading and save, but it’s only a supposition with no sufficient evidences in this moment.

Thanks in advance.

Does the error occur with a bad ZIP, bad files in the ZIP, or bad files after they are written to disk, and loaded again?

Unzip and save operations finish regularly. Issues come after when images are loaded or on showing.

Can you try taking an image that appears to be broken after saving, and try doing it from memory (unzip, display without saving) and compare?

Next time happen I wll try to extract if adb assist me :slight_smile: