Dontbegrey game

Hello, everyone!

I am currently working on a game called “dontbegrey”, it’s a minimalistic platformer with color-based mechanic, where you can choose what is the platform and what is the background.

Here is a trailer with gameplay on youtube, that demonstrates the mechanic:

The work is still in progress (I have about 30 levels so far and I want it to be at least 50), but I have a playable demo on

I will be grateful for any feedback, thank you for reading.


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nice - very tricky, i was stuck on level 4 for quite some time until i understood the double jump better. I did find myself mashing the shift key at all the wrong times !. Liked the scrolling of the level to keep the player centralised alot !

I like the minimalistic platformer style, one of my first openfl games was one ->

Thank you for your feedback, it’s always a pleasure to see that other people find your game as tricky as you wanted it to be.

P.S. you have a nice, fun to play game.

Hello, everyone! (again)

I have been working on the game and made some progress with it, including:

  • gamepad support,
  • level editor (external for now)
  • proper quotes positioning,
  • music (thanks to and their musical AI)
  • more levels,
  • steam achievements and stats

It will be released on Aug 16 for Linux and Windows, here is the store page:

I also have some prerelease beta keys, if you are interested:

I will be grateful for any feedback, thank you for reading and playing.

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