DOM renderer bugs

Is anyone except me is using -Ddom? Because there are several bugs, which makes usage of -Ddom impossible.

Everything is related to OpenFL 4, latest version from haxelib.

1 - Bug with

2 - Slowness related to BitmapData

For the last issue I even submit pull request 7 months ago, but neither pull request was accepted nor issue was fixed :frowning:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I helped make the DOM target for a project which has since changed to WebGL. I would like to help make the DOM target more consistent, but I know that it has lacked attention ā€“ I wonder sometimes if anyone does use it.

I believe your first bug is fixed, and Lime image gained a version field so that we can properly track if it changed, so great news, we should now have your optimization in place to speed up canvas-based bitmaps.

I see that some other projects of mine (such as SimpleButton) seem to have issues, but PiratePig is working. Iā€™m sure we can continue to make DOM better :wink:

SimpleButton and mask support have been improved in the latest dev version :slight_smile:

Bug with is fixed in develop.

Slowness related to BitmapData is fixed, but breaks alpha animation.

Examples and pull request to fix it -

Just found another bug in dom renderer :sadpanda:

In my big project visibility partially works, but in this simple example it is not working at all!

Fixed now, thank you :grin:

Thanks! Everything works now.