DOM GC: Profiling html5 target with Chrome Canary


I read this:

Now I looked at that 1 fps spike and I see Chrome is complaining about needing to DOM GC (I know what that means more of less). The issue only happens in html5 (never in Flash for instance) but I wouldn’t mind the flexibility of deploying to html5 and having a deeper understanding wouldn’t hurt either.
Also, any links to a good tut about profiling OpenFL would be great.

Notes about my code, I am only using one sprite and 13 shapes and I am not using removeChild. The shapes are very “basic” rects and one circle.

Would it help if I share a small code sample? Can anyone confirm this doesn’t normally happen or is a normal occurrence? Many thanks.

Is this specific to the DOM target? I don’t know if this is avoidable?

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