Doesn't compile on android after update

It doesn’t show me any errors, but I simply can’t find an apk file. All libraries are up to date : openfl - 4.4.1, lime - 3.4.1, haxe - 3.4.0. Android sdk and ndk, jdk are downloaded and installed as well.

I’m starting to think that maye openfl requires a specific set of tools,rather than all latest versions. At any rate, changing jdk from 1.8.0_111 to 1.6.0_45 and Android ndk from r13b to r11c either doesn’t change anything or lead to various errors.
Btw, “openfl setup android” command crashes at the ndk installation (“neko.exe stopped working” or something like this), so I had to download ndk by myself, copy it to Development\Android NDK folder and link the path through openfl setup android.

Could something of this cause the issue? All other targets work perfectly.

Sidenote: I’ve tried to roll back to the openfl version I used before, 4.0.3, but ended up with compiling errors.

I think I’m on r12b, and Java 8, and nearly the newest SDK build tools.

Have you tried -verbose while building, to see additional output, to get a better idea what’s going on?

Thank you for replying

-verbose build shows :

Lime Command-Line Tools (3.4.1)

Initializing project...
Using project file: project.xml
Reading Lime config: C:\Users\Dummy\.lime\config.xml
Using target platform: ANDROID

Running command: INSTALL
 - Changing directory: C:\Development\Android SDK/platform-tools/
 - Running process: adb.exe devices
 - Changing directory: C:\Development\Android SDK/platform-tools/
 - Running command: adb.exe install -r "C:\cellar\New Project10\bin\android\release/bin/app/build/outputs/apk/NewProject10-debug.apk"
adb: error: connect failed: no devices/emulators found

I’d try r12b to see the results, but I doubt it will help.

Do you have a device connected? (with drivers installed, and dev mode enabled)

No, I don’t. Shouldn’t it make an apk regardless of it?

It looks like it did?

Is “C:\cellar\New Project10\bin\android\release/bin/app/build/outputs/apk/NewProject10-debug.apk” not there?

oh, god.sorry, I knew that the error just has to be stupid, but it is unexpectedly stupid. yes, it’s there, it just used to be in a different place in previous versions and now it’s a bit hard to find, I guess? should test it with a real project tho.thank you again

No problem! Glad it’s working :grin:

Yep, it is working with a real project also.
At the very least I stay true to my nickname, which is a plus.