Does anyone know how to change font size in an HaxeUI dropdown

Probably at:

For some reason, each new compile of an older project makes the font size either so small or not there at all. This used to work. But I can’t find a way to access the value and set it to something readable.

Left side is new project, right side is old compile project.

How are you populating the list? Doesnt look like a font size issue. Looks more like its not getting any text…

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selector_de_jogadorPT1.dataSource = jogadoresPT;
it’s populated by:
var jogadoresPT = new ArrayDataSource();
if I actually press those white or gray rectangles the data shows up updated on the button text.

I had this happen on other buttons in the same build where the fontsize wasn’t set, the text went really small. And my guess is the text just went micro small on the dropdown list, that’s why the rectangles are smaller than the right side ones. I just can’t seem to set the font size for the inwards list.

@IanHarrigan1982 managed to program around it using other parts of HaxeUI but still wondering why would this happen when older compiles are showing up just perfect. Every time I do a new build for an old project will dropdowns, they all start behaving like the left side of the pic, when they used to display the text just fine, although a little small.

Yeah, something is certainly strange, is there any chance you could send a small sample? Im not sure if you can share your code? If not, maybe you could send it to [email protected]? Would be good to get this working without a work around on your part - but hard to do that without some type of code.


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I’ll clear it and if I can’t, will assemble a minimal reproduced situation, soonish.
Thank you Ian.

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