Docker image file

I just noticed this:

Guessing it is for the continuous integration stuff but can this be used with a docker file, or is there an update maintained docker image around ? Anyone using it ? If so, how does one go about it ?

I am guessing : either will use a clean docker file and bring it up to Env level or is there a specific docker image it should start with?

I’m a total newbie to Docker, but I’d be interested to learn.

Lets say we had a Docker image with the latest OpenFL and Lime installed. How would you use that to build projects on your local machine? How would the file system paths work? How would it work on Windows?

I’m interested in making Docker images for Lime and OpenFL releases, and improving a Docker-based workflow, but need more information :slight_smile:

The above image is used in our updated CircleCI testing script, which executes everything inside the container