Do I need to update lime/openfl in order to rebuild extensions?

I’ve had to make an emergency update to extension-iap in order to work with ios9.
The working version has been installed, the dev path updated, and I ran lime rebuild extension-iap ios

I am using Lime command line tools 2.1.2

Unfortunately when I rebuild, no binaries show up at all. I’m left with the error message about how libiap.iphonos.a does not exist.

I did not update to openfl next because I was near the end of my dev cycle and I did not want to risk breaking something in my game. I know the -legacy option is available but I heard that even that has issues sometimes.

Do I need to update? Am I doing something wrong?
My game is supposed to launch tomorrow night. This is critical.

I just tried creating and rebuilding a brand new extension. the ios binaries were created with no issue.

My concern is that at some point in development I accidentally typed ‘haxelib dev extension-iap’ with no extra argument, and it mentioned something about the directory being temporarily disabled. I thought I re-enabled it afterwards but maybe I’m missing a specific command?

Great, so this is working? :smile:

If you want to update (probably safer after a release) -Dlegacy should be safe to use. If you do update, please let me know if you experience regressions.

Let me know how it’s going :wink:

no that’s the crazy part. nothing builds when I try to build the extension itself

When I build any other extension I get a spew of output as it builds. When I build the latest version of extension-iap it just pauses for a second and then goes back to the command line.

Just to test, I tried pulling extension-share in the same manner that I pull extension-iap (with git).
I was able to install and build the extension, binaries included, with no problem.

yet when I build extension-iap, still nothing. I am at a loss.

You could try lime rebuild extension-iap ios -clean or perhaps see if a newer Lime version works differently. You can also try cd project && haxelib run hxcpp Build.xml -Diphone -Diphoneos or other build commands manually, and see what they do.

I think we also have builds working:

Trying out one of the working builds now.

How do I update just lime without updating openfl itself?
I see lime upgrade and update but I thought those were for things other than lime itself.

Will check back in very soon, thank you.
I hope you’ll be around for a bit longer

If you update just lime, you can lime upgrade or haxelib update lime and after rebuilding, run haxelib set lime 2.1.2 or whatever version you had before :slight_smile:

“haxelib install lime” or “haxelib update lime” would install you the latest lime version without updating openfl.
However, I recommand you to do an “haxelib list”, note the current version you use for each lib (the one into braquets) and then do an “haxelib upgrade” to upgrade all your haxe libs. Then, if you experience issue with a given library, you can always go back to the previous version with “haxelib set lib-name version”

Things are looking good but I’m not out of the woods yet. I was finally able to build using one of the archived versions of the extension.

Now I just need to test and confirm that IAP is actually fixed :x

will post again shortly.