Displaying a complex website with elements rendered above it

i need to create a native Windows app that can display a complex and accelerated web site ( build with CesiumJS ) which can also display Elements like Text, Controls etc. rendered above the website.
Is that actually possible in openFL / Haxe?
Thanks a lot for any pointers.

It sounds like you might want to use a wrapper like Electron in order to serve up web content as a desktop application

The elements rendered above the website – is that what you want done in OpenFL? Or is that plain HTML as well?

Is the complex CesiumJS website what you wish to write in Haxe?

Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply.
Well it is a little more complicated that that … :slight_smile:
The application is part of a larger CMS-like system that was originally written in AS3 and published with air and would now slowly be ported to Haxe / OpenFL.
Imagine an app that has a “edit” or “build” function which will generate a finished “front end” version of the app. The user will also have the ability to create UI Elements which share common libraries with other apps from the same CMS “builder” system.
In the mentioned case the Cesium part is just half of the apps content, hence the need to display things “on top” of it.
Electron is of course a nice option for creating a simple native app, but then the whole CMS would have to be ported to a different framework as well.