Display update after Shape resize?

Hi, I have a Shape object on my stage. I resize it by changing its graphics content (drawing a bigger shape inside of it). It seems to work ok, but the Shape is not immediately changed on the view if I’m using the flash output. If I translate it for about 20 pixels after the size change, it does appear correct. Is there a way to force the Shape object redraw on stage?

This must be a bug in Flash Player? You could try toggling shape.visible, or changing the position (like shape.x += 0.001; shape.x -= 0.001, or some other hack to break the cache

It seems so :frowning:
Changing position about 0.001 doesn’t do the trick, only after 10 pixels! Anyway, I solved the issue by turning the shape invisible and returning it just a millisecond after.

#if flash
  // screen update bug
  this._bg.visible = false;
  Timer.delay(function() { this._bg.visible = true; }, 1);