Display multiple rectangles from a display object container

I have quite a large display object container that contains a whole scene in my game, which is contained in a display object container. Currently I am displaying this on the screen using one rectangle, but I would like to use multiple cameras so I was wondering whether I could use display two different scroll rects for one display object container.

If not, it would be interesting to see what any viable workarounds are, for displaying multiple camera views. Thanks in advance, Letmethink.

The only thing that comes to mind right now is bitmapData.draw, but that uses a software render pass on native (though is pretty much “free” on html5 and mostly free on Flash)

Im trying to think if theres another mechanism?

You could do this using OpenGL, by taking direct control of the render process so that you can render twice every frame.

Tilesheet would be much simpler. Once you have everything set up, all you have to do is call drawTiles() twice. (I forget, is Tilesheet being phased out?)

If everyone likes the direction of “Tilemap”, I think it will be the preferred direction once it is finished being built – easier to maintain, easier to use and much faster.