Display custom font wait then remove

i know you use removechild when you want to remove something but I want the person to read the text before removing it, I also need to know how to display the text.

Take a look at “AddingAnimation” and “AddingText” in the openfl-samples, you could combine these to add text, then to fade it out on a timer, something like this:

Actuate.tween (myText, 0.5, { alpha: 0 }).delay (10).onComplete (function () removeChild (myText));

This would do a 0.5 second alpha fade, making the text invisible (if you called your TextField “myText”), after waiting for 10 seconds. You could adjust to find a delay that matches the amount of time you want people to have to read. When it completes, it then removes the TextField completely (though it would still work without that)