Discussion: OpenFL 8.9.6?

We’re continuing to make progress on our goals for the next major OpenFL release, but in the meantime I was thinking about making a minor OpenFL release with patches and fixes to stabilize the 8.9.x series.

From my perspective, 8.9.1 was a stable release and 8.9.2 included in-progress feature upgrades that we are polishing up for 9.0.0 features, but in 8.9.2 it caused some regressions we had not caught before release that are more stable in 8.9.5 but there might still be a minor issue or two that is not resolved in that release but is stabilized in the development branch instead on Github.

With the above in view, I was considering a 8.9.6 release that (probably?) would revert to 8.9.1 then cherry-pick all the relevant fixes that don’t relate to renderer rewrites and bigger changes introduced.

Could anyone help me understand what essential fixes we made since 8.9.1 (I think some were related to supporting Android Google Play Store changes, for example) and whether these warrant an 8.9.6 from that point, or if we should build on the progress from 8.9.5 with some minor fixes, or if this seems unnecessary entirely?

Thank you!


I am currently using 8.9.2 to release any project steadily, and have not encountered too many problems.At the same time I am looking forward to OpenFL9.0.0!

Have been using 8.9.0 and 8.9.5 with haxe 3.4.7 and on one single project with haxe 4.0.0.
Mostly for Windows 10, some macOS Catalina and some for Android.
Think I’m having some related stuff that stems from interaction with some third party related libs for OpenFL, but that usually sorts itself out with the developers catching up, and me trying to understand what lib versions should be used with 3.4.7 and what versions for 4.0.0. Had some issues with establishing correct versions for hxcpp and haxeui.
Nothing really directly related to OpenFL that I caught other than maybe some weirdness across templates started with diff versions but that usually goes away with new compiles.

It is still unclear for me, how to build 64bit for Android with 8.9.5

A glance at the Lime source code suggests the Android platform is configured to include ARM64 in the builds by default

I’ve been missing from everywhere the last couple of weeks but I feel that making 8.9.6 be a rollback to 8.9.2 is silly.
If you want that version you can set it through haxelib and use it. If you need a frankenversion you can git it.
But that’s only my opinion :slight_smile:

I agree with @miltoncandelero : if a 8.9.6 version is released, users would expect it to be based on the previous version (8.9.5), not an old one.
But releasing an intermediate version is a question of time : if several months are needed to get version 9.0.0 ready, then it makes sense to make 8.9.6 version - otherwise we can just wait :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for now on making an intermediate release and continue to listen to feedback :slight_smile:

I support the idea, as OpenFL 9.0.0 will have it’s own bugs for sure…