Discussing the Showcase

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

We have made recent improvements to the Showcase, now each title has its own unique URL, and multiple titles by the same developer are now linked. For example:


I am interested in hearing feedback on how you think the Showcase can develop further. We have more chance than ever to better illustrate the great work that you do, or to add additional information so that others can contact the original developer

If you have titles that are not on the showcase, consider making it available so we can show it. Especially OpenFL/HTML5 projects are ones that I know are being built, but I need your help to find them :slight_smile:


The showcase has had multiple new titles added, as well URLs for each developer (that I could find)

I’m open to other ideas of extra information (social media links, etc) and so on

If you have a title that’s not in the showcase, you can make a pull request to http://www.github.com/openfl/openfl.org or let me know

Thanks everyone

That’s a little annoying to click 2 times to go on the game’s website. Also, we don’t have platforms anymore on the first page.

Maybe we can add something on the tiles page that allow to go on the description page or the website directly? I don’t know, maybe make a menu that appears on rollover with 2 options: description or website? Does it makes sense?

We do have pages based on the platform now (although it would be nice if it was dynamic so you could filter based on multiple criteria, though the current solution is simple)

I feel if the description pages had more content, it would be less of a burden to have the extra click? Someone might want to see it on iTunes or Google Play, not hit the original website