Disable debug console in Lime desktop apps?

Hi, I’m trying to run some of the Lime samples, like BunnyMark, but when I run the app it opens two windows: the program window and a console window where it logs stuff (FPS, number of sprites etc.).

How can I disable that console window? I couldn’t find any settings in the .xml project files, and I used lime build (...) -release so I want a deploy build, with no debug consoles.

Edit: I used the HashLink target and I’m on Windows 64.

I’d recommend the Windows C++ target if you will send to a user

Otherwise if you launch from the command line (using lime run or lime test) then output will not go to a new window but will stay in your same prompt

@singmajesty Thanks for responding. When you build for the HashLink target it creates a standalone exe, so I imagine this is what you would give to users. But that annoying console is always there!

I was inspired by this case here: https://hashlink.haxe.org/#case-study
They shipped their game with HashLink as the runtime.