Direct comparison of medium sized game Flash/AS3 vs. OpenFL/Haxe + Issues


Thank you! Will check tomorrow.



you are right.
With dev version of OpenFL the issue does not appear.

Many thanx. I am looking forward to the next release of OpenFL now.

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I have a short question. There seems to be a change in last OpenFL version regarding issuing fetching data from a server.

So, is it possible that URLLoader.load() is doing nothing now when called from a completion handler of another IO request?

Before this it worked like 100%, now game start up is broken as the game is waiting until forever because it awaits a IO completion handler which is never called.

I am talking about our Android version of the game.

Many thanx and

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Is this dev or haxelib? I believe we have some improvements on dev over the last haxelib release, we rewrote the native HTTP subsystem, due to rare garbage collection bugs that were causing crashes



I have the following installed via haxelib:

  • actuate: [1.8.7]
  • box2d: [1.2.3]
  • hxcpp: 3.4.64 [3.4.188]
  • layout: [1.2.1]
  • lime-samples: 4.0.1 [6.2.0]
  • lime: 5.5.0 5.6.0 5.7.0 5.8.2 6.0.1 6.2.0 6.3.1 6.4.0 [7.0.0]
  • openfl-samples: [6.0.0]
  • openfl: 6.1.2 6.2.0 6.2.1 6.5.0 7.0.0 7.1.2 8.0.2 8.2.2 [8.4.1]

I am using Android API Level 19.

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I have another question. Is there a way to render HTML content in OpenFL/HTML5 and also in OpenFL/Android/Native?

Is openfl.text.TextField working? Is it also working for more complex HTML which contains <img…, <table… and such?

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No, not yet. Well, there’s a webview extension that might work for OpenFL, otherwise openfl.text.TextField currently supports some basic HTML entities and format options (color, size, font) but not images or tables



I have a small bug report regarding openfl.text.TextField. If alignment is center and the text is empty the cursor is displayed on the left of the text field not in the center.

If you want a test I can hand over a URL to demonstrate.

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Also if selecting text within a centered text field lets the marked text appear at right side of the text field.


Is this a regression, or maybe it’s been this way for a while?


The bug with wrong cursor position was always there I think. I do not know about the bug with selecting text and wrong alignment.

We are building our landing and home page with OpenFL/Haxe too so these issues are really popping into the eye of the user.



I ve just tested which versions of OpenFL and Lime were the last working ones with our Android port.

hxcpp: 3.4.64 [3.4.188]
lime: 5.5.0 5.6.0 5.7.0 5.8.2 6.0.1 6.2.0 [6.3.1] 6.4.0 7.0.0
openfl: 6.1.2 6.2.0 6.2.1 6.5.0 7.0.0 7.1.2 [8.0.2] 8.2.2 8.4.1

Do have any idea what you guys did change? As I mentioned before with current version of OpenFL the game start up is broken due to requests to our backend server that are not issued.

Many thanx and

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Are you using sockets or URLRequest? Does the very latest work (regarding networking)?


At this stage of the game URLRequest only.


Which is the latest release? I thought it was 8.4.1?


It’s currently at 8.5.1


Ah Ok. I will test later today or tomorrow. Thank you so far.


Hi, with newest OpenFL version “8.5.1-LlLpzs” IO is working completley again! Many thanx!


However. Did you change something with TextField/Font rendering?
On Android our texts appear like 10 pixels too far in direction of bottom or something with newest version.


Do you have a chance to try the dev version?