Dependecy tag help


I’m working on an extension which needs several lib files, so in my include.xml I use the <dependency> tag with the path of the lib.

Sadly, I have troubles with duplicated object in those dependencies.

So I tried to tweak linking flags a bit in the xcode project and found that removing the “-force_load” flags solved my problem.

I’d like it to be seemless when updating my project and skip this manual step as I need to update regulary while testing, and to ease the process when sharing with my team. So, is there any parameter i can add to the <dependency> tag to prevent the libs to be force_loaded ?

Or, do you know a magic flag that prevent duplicate object errors ? I’m not really familliar with linker and compiler parameters…


For ios there is a tag that may be useful.
Also you can try to compile your ndll with the included object in Build.xml, using “lib” tag (instead of dependency in include.xml).

The ios tag is < ios linker-flags="

Hmm, added the force-load flag in order to solve iOS Objective-C issues, where important symbols were being omitted during compile. One of the ways to solve this is to not compile the files that are redundant, for example, when static linking a Haxe C++ application, we need to omit the zlib files in HXCPP so they do not conflict with the ones in Lime. I’m not sure if this is possible. Otherwise, we might have to come up with something more complicated than a standard dependency tag, in order to compensate for the force load behavior :confused:


well I’ll try to build as you said.

Also, when building ios app we can link framework using dependecy tag as well, but sometimes you want to mark some as optional, is there any way to do that from xml too ?


You could enable/disable tags using the “if” or “unless” behavior, but if it’s something specific to how the C++ build operates, we’d need to look at how to support the feature