Demo for local multiplayer game THE MISSION!

Hi fellow OpenFL fans and developers!

I’ve been porting my local multiplayer game THE MISSION from Processing over to OpenFL, and I’ve just released the demo this past week. Try it out with your friends/strangers/enemies, and hope you all have fun disintegrating and imploding each other! Screenshot below!

Demo links:
Play in your browser
Download for Mac (5.4 MB)
Download for Windows (5.1 MB)

Facebook page

Let me know how if you experience any issues, and of course if you have fun! :slight_smile:



Cool game, How did you implement multiplayer on openfl?

It’s local multiplayer, so there is no complexity of network communication :slight_smile:

But network play should be feasible in OpenFL in any case. I’m no pro at network stuff, but I’m sure others on the forums would have some ideas.

Careful. Online multiplayer may not be a great idea depending on the game.

The last part of the article was especially relevant for me – the fun of local multiplayer is what it’s about :slight_smile: