Debugging Haxe in FlashDevelop doesn't work?


I’m brand new to Haxe and OpenFL. Old school flash developer here, still very much married to FlashDevelop. Excited to see the progress Haxe has made over the years! However… how do you debug with Haxe?

I have downloaded and run successfully Haxe Starling with the HTML5 target, however with the Debug configuration set, and a breakpoint set early in start up, it does not hit. Does Haxe not support interactive debugging? I am also curious for any C++ targeting as well.

I am using the Haxe 3.4.7 and the latest FlashDevelop ( Any help is appreciated!


FlashDevelop supports full debugging for the Flash target (even with Haxe), but I have not used it for another Haxe target. However, the cross-platform nature of Haxe makes it possible to debug many features in one platform, even when you are targeting another.

It’s possible to perform HTML5 debugging in the browser, or there are ways to set up a workflow using Visual Studio Code that works between the IDE and the browser.

Visual Studio Code + the Lime Extension for VS Code should support OpenFL projects. There is some documentation on debugging HTML5 or Flash projects halfway down this page:

Thanks Joshua,

Visual Studio Code is a pretty solid IDE, however it saddens me that there isn’t support for FlashDevelop cross target debugging. I did successfully get interactive debugging when targeting Flash. Been using FlashDevelop for 6 years, and it’s such a great tool. Load up the project, set a breakpoint, hit F5 and away you go. Just like in Visual Studio.

But VSCode is cross platform, which is most likely the main appeal of migrating away from FlashDevelop.

Yeah, I stopped using FlashDevelop kicking and screaming. It was my all-time favorite IDE (for almost any kind of development), but cross-desktop support for VSCode has been the primary motivator.

I also like that we can write our own extension to VSCode in Haxe, and publish it easily. It’s been great to feel like we have more control over the experience

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