Debug android / iOS apps

Is there an easy way to set break points, debug or get more info about exceptions?
My app crashes but have no clue as to what is happening.

I am using adb logcat, -debug flag and hxcpp flags in my project xml for Android. Also, I’m using lots of traces in the code trying to “Catch a Lion in the Sahara Desert” my way out of bugs, but this is very tedious and inefficient.

This also makes most bugs very abstract and it takes long time to understand where they are originated.

How does anyone else out there debug their OpenFL iOS & Android apps?

For Android, i use :

adb logcat -s "lime" or adb logcat -s "haxe"

but i don’t remember with tag Lime use. But it will filter you a big mountain of unusefull message.
Otherwise there is the command for trace in debug mode :

lime trace android

For ios, xcode give me a lot of information when it crash and i always test on neko wich is more closer than Flash.