Debian android openfl build failed

Hej all,

Many years I’ve not been touching openFL for Android, last time it was on Windows and it worked fine.
But for 2 years now, I’m working on Linux and today I tried to install all what is needed in order to build an android projet and I get this error :

lib/hxcpp/4,2,1/include/hxcpp.h:23:13: fatal error: 
      'typeinfo' file not found
   #include <typeinfo>
1 error generated.
Error: Could not create PCH

My setup is the following :

  • Android SDK 19 and 23
  • Android NDK r23 linux
  • openJDK 11.0.12
  • HXCPP 4.2.1
  • Lime 7.9.0
  • openFL 9.1.0

Can anybody help me please ?


Supported NDK versions r15c to r21e.

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Thanks for your reply.
Same with android-ndk-r21e-linux-x86_64 :confused:

Looks like an issue with NDK/SDK paths

Thanks Vortelio,

Yes it was that, I finally installed Android-Studio for Linux, instead of downloading SDK/NDK manually and it works fine now.


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