DeadObjectException with IAP


i’m trying to integrate IAP from the haxelib (version 1.0.4) but when i try to query the inventory, the app crashes and i get:

12-07 08:57:53.907: I/ActivityManager(275): Low Memory: No more background processes.
12-07 08:57:53.967: W/InputManagerService(275): Session failed to close due to remote exception
12-07 08:57:53.967: W/InputManagerService(275): android.os.DeadObjectException

is important to mention that the app has nothing right now, only a menu. and the device i’m testing is a mid end phone, so i suppose there would be something pretty wrong to die by a lack of resources for a simple request to IAP services.

any idea what could be or how it can be solved?

thanks !

Did all of your calls succeed up to this point? Do you have a test account setup to work with your device, already?


you are right, was a problem in my code, it works now :smiley: sorry for bothering :slight_smile: