Custom Shaders, AudioSource and more -- OpenFL (4.3.0) and Lime (3.3.0) Released

Okay kids!

We have a fresh release of OpenFL, Lime, SWF and SVG out today.

As always, run openfl upgrade to fetch the latest.

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Thanks for the update! :heart_eyes:

Wow new update that is why I need upgrade :slight_smile:
I hope Vector or Float32Array has not error…

This was fixed 21 days ago, and it looks like the fix made it into the release. (The text under the title seems to tell you the release, and this one says 3.3.0.)

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Oh sorry I am blind from longer time. My god! Thanks your good watcher!


I’m trying to use this example to start understanding how Shaders work in OpenFL, but I’m having two issues. First in the API documentation it doesn’t look like a class ShaderFilter exists anywhere.

Also, where is the alphaBitmapData variable used in the example coming from?

Additionally, it looks like is null for me, so I end up getting a Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference error in runtime.

EDIT: Found the ShaderFilter in the source code, that seems to be just a documentation problem. Still no luck with the alphaBitmapData.
The seems to happen when compiling to a platform that doesn’t support shaders. :slight_smile:

Marco Lopes