Custom .cur Cursor on CPP targets

I want to change system cursor during the game but I can’t. [because other openfl cursors have lag]
I have .cur file and I tried to add. But I didn’t manage accessing Stage and use Stage->SetCursor();

Is it possible to add Custom Cursor Support?


Lime has added support for different cursor styles, though OpenFL (internally) changes the type between arrow, hand and text insertion cursors automatically depending on the object which has mouse focus. We have not added support for completely custom mouse cursors yet, but this can be emulated using a hidden mouse and animating your own display object

Thanks for information!

I don’t use display objects because of lag I said. System’s cursor is smooth and independent from game.

I saw CPP files during the visual studio debugging. For cursor, lime using Stage->SetCursor(); code.

SetCursor(); function easily can display custom cursors. Displaying Hand or Arrow or Text etc. cursors and custom “.cur” cursors are same :sweat_smile:

Hope you will add soon :smile:

We would need to create a cursor with for native targets, but we would need to also support this on Flash and HTML5 targets for consistent API support. Interested in ideas for a good way to do this for Lime :slight_smile:

Flash has own native cursor? I don’t know HTML5 but it can also have maybe?

Only CPP and Neko targets need :slight_smile: It will be very good for massive games :+1: