Custom canvas attributes? Avoiding squished text in Html5?

I am duplicating an archived post, here:

I’m not aware of a way that you can customize the attributes of the canvas that Lime creates, though in regards to whether smoothing is enabled or not, this should be done per-object when OpenFL is performing canvas rendering, based upon settings such as “smooth” for bitmaps, and I think, some of the settings on TextFields that are designed to make them look better with bitmap/pixellated text

Thanks for the response!

All of my graphics are created by simply making new bitmap objects and placing them on the screen. When creating the bitmaps for this game I always specify smoothing = false;

Is there another place I need to adjust a smoothing property?

Right now, in html5, my game runs in one of two manners. Without the dom tag I get blurry and squished text, everything else fine

With the dom tag the text is fine but smoothing turns on for everything else when I don’t want it.
There is also some visual artifacting, you can see a broken line of pixels behind the bartender.

(My game is native 480x270, being blown up to high res)

Hmm, interesting. I’m guessing that in DOM mode, it may be using standard HTML images, which always smooth by default, I believe. Scaling is done using CSS. Perhaps that’s where the one pixel bleed comes in, and maybe we could do something extra to disable smoothing on images? I forget if they added a CSS property for that.

As for the font, is it totally custom, or does it come from a font? I wonder if allowing OpenFL to generate a web font would look any different / better? Also, do you use the grid fit type and text field type in order to try and disable smoothing on it? (oh, sorry, remembering you use images only)

The font I am using is pix 10

This behavior persists with two other fonts I have tried, liberation sans and press start. They are all ttf fonts.

I display all my fonts as text inside of text fields. I was unaware there was a way to set smoothing for textfields? I don’t see any property like that in the class. I’m also not familiar with ‘grid fit’ type?

EDIT: also I should mention that I haven’t upgraded to 2.1, I have some large pre-2.1 projects and the major backend changes have me nervous :confused: