Create sprite loop

How would I go about recreating this with haxe?

actionscript looks like this:

public function Foobar() 
        for(var x:int = 1; x <= 10; x++)
            this["cardPrint"+x] = new this["card_"+x]();
            this["cardPrint"+x].addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, this["click_"+x]);

Been trying for hours but cannot seem to recreate this. Yes I tried google but I cannot find anything that points me in the right direction.

This comes up pretty often, so I really should do a blog post on it.

If you want to store a bunch of the same thing, and you want to identify them by number rather than name, then an array is what you want. You can create an array like so:

var deck:Array<Card> = [];

This array is empty, which isn’t much use. Let’s add some cards to it:

deck.push(new Card(0));
deck.push(new Card(1));
deck.push(new Card(2));
deck.push(new SpecialCard());

Now your array has four cards. You can check this by running trace(deck). Next up is adding the cards as children:

for(card in deck) {

And finally, you want event listeners. While you could write out a bunch of different functions with a bunch of different names, it would be much more convenient if you could just take an argument:

private function onClickCard(card:Card, event:Event):Void {
    trace(card + " was clicked!");

Wouldn’t that be nice? Fortunately, Haxe lets you do just that! Simply use the bind() function when setting up your listeners:

for(card in deck) {
    card.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onCardClicked.bind(card));