Crashlytics Extension for Android and iOS

I have been recently working on an extension to support Crashlytics for Android and iOS with OpenFL, and finally I got an stable release to share with you. You can install it from haxelib:

haxelib install extension-crashlytics

And the instructions for it’s use and source code can be found at this link:

For those that haven’t heard before of Crashlytics, is a crash analytics plugin, which sends data every time a fatal error happens on your app, so you can track these bugs and solve them.

Although in native applications it is very specific on which class and line triggered the error, it might not be that specific on OpenFL, as the crashes will report this information from the compiled code. Yet, the classes names remain the same, and with the error description, it might be enough to locate and solve the problem.

I have been testing it for a while, and it has helped me to solve a couple bugs already. I would love for you to use it and give me feedback, so we see if this tool is good enough to cover this problem, and if required, expand it to the common requirements for everyone.

I hope it helps you too as it has been helping me.


We have so much pain with crashlytics integration for android. If now this is one line in project.xml - that huge, thanks!

Hi @daPhyre and @dadon. I’m trying to integrate your extension into ont of my project, updating libraires to last version. About issue regarding unreported uncatched exception, i’m available to investigate and try to find a solution. Have you some suggestions to start?