Crashdumper setup help

Does anyone still using Crashdumper to log crashes?

I’ve got it set up in my project. I added test code to generate a null ref error. It does trace output in the Flash target, but the Windows CPP build doesn’t seem to log anything to the app storage directory. It just generates a generic “Null object reference” dialogue window and then closes the game.

Setup code shown below.

private function initCrashDumper():Void
	#if (windows || flash)
	trace("Initializing CrashDumper");
	var unique_id:String = SessionData.generateID("GameCrashLog_"); 
	var s:Stage = null;
	#if flash
		s = this.stage;
	_crashDumper = new CrashDumper(unique_id, null, null, false, true, null, null, s); = true;

I had it working on 2 of my projects, worked fine except a few crashes it couldn’t catch but now it doesn’t. I think it stopped working when I switched to haxe 4 : are you using haxe 4 as well ?

I haven’t looked into it yet as those 2 projects are pretty stable and I have other priorities for now

Maybe the openfl lookup inside crashdumper needs an update. I think it relies on lime.

We’re using Haxe 3.4.7 with OpenFL 8.9.6 and Lime 7.6.3. Our HXCPP version is 4.0.4.

Perhaps Crashdumper is HXCPP version-dependent?

Possibly. It seems the last commit for Crashdumper was in October of 2018, but I don’t know how it lines up with HXCPP releases since the Github for HXCPP stopped tagging releases after May of 2015 with version 3.2.102.

Yeah that’s unfortunate…

It’s less convenient but this list should help

(If you hover over the dates with your mouse it will give you an exact date as a tooltip)

It does look like HXCPP 4.0.4 was updated 2 months prior to the last Crashdumper commit. The HXCPP version before 4.0.4 is 3.4.188, which was released a whole year prior. So maybe the build was tied to 3.4.

I’ll reach out to Lars to see if he still supports it and can offer any insight.

Solved! The solution is to include the flag “openfl-enable-handle-error” in the project XML somewhere above (and it’s very important that it happens above) the haxelib tag for OpenFL.