Crashdumper, Firetongue, and Flixel-UI

Here’s some things I worked on that I think will be useful for OpenFL users:

  • Crashdumper
    • Logs crashes and writes them out to file before your program dies
    • Optionally logs user’s system profile (os, cpu, ram, gfx card, etc)
    • Optionally can send crash dump information to a server
    • Has two-server side implementations to choose from
    • Can customize both your crashdump format and the crashdump browser to accept arbitrary data
  • Firetongue
    • Localization framework
    • Processes CSV/TSV files for each locale and makes them fetchable
    • Easy way to make sure your game/app works in multiple languages (provided you have the translators)
  • Flixel-UI
    • If you’re using HaxeFlixel, this is the official UI library that I maintain
    • Useful for creating user interfaces in a flixel-native environment
    • Create UI’s from xml layout or by directly instancing classes - your choice!

Really cool Lars! :slight_smile:

@larsiusprime Sorry for the thread necromancy, I just don’t know where to post my (probably stupid) question :slight_smile:

I just added crashDumper to my game, it compiles fine to windows/cpp in debug mode but fails when I try release mode : is this normal/expected ?

on the github page it says it will only work with Flash using a debug player, but nothing about cpp hence my question :slight_smile:

I guess crashDumper might need some stuff that is only here in a debug cpp build ? But I’d like confirmation.

I’m already using Firetongue by the way : great stuff ! Thanks a lot for your work !

Did another try and this time it compiled in release mode : for anyone wondering, it works

Not sure why it failed a month ago, maybe I forgot to try after deleting the bin/windows folder.