Crash on android when touch

First of all, I don’t speak english (i’m brazilian).

The game works nice on flash and neko but android crash when I try to play. The game was running on android too but I made lots of changes and now I do not know what to do to solve the problem.

I tried using logcat to see the error but I could not understand, here is the logs:

What I believe to be the error
Full log

In the project.xml I added

<haxedef name="HXCPP_CHECK_POINTER" if="debug" />
<haxedef name="HXCPP_STACK_LINE" if="debug" />

and compiled with openfl build android -debug command


Okay, it looks like it could be in performing a blur. Do you use any blur or drop shadow filters? What version of OpenFL and Lime are you running?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m using drop shadow filter
Lime 5.8.0
Openfl 6.5.3

There was a fix made for the newer releases. Is there a chance you could try installing the latest versions, and see if it fixes it for you?

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I tried and it worked, thank you!

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