Cpp Xml Error Crash [SOLVED]

what does this error mean exactly:

failure type not string @ ./Xml.cpp:390

I get it when calling an external application using the Process class:

var proccess:Process = new Process(enginePath, 

The crash happens with the external program showing the error then closing:

Could the problem be how I interpreting the Sys.args I could show more code if needed but for some reason I didn’t use to get the error but it started randomly (seemingly).

thanks for any guidance to what I am doing wrong :no_mouth:.

Btw: I’m not directly using any of the xml classes

Edit: I looked through every line of code still don’t know the problem but it’s fixed when I commented everything out and added each line separately. Might have been I class I was testing features with.

somewhere something is trying to load an XML (I don’t know what you app does) and this XML is probably bad formatted


What is this external program?
It looks like it is using an old version of Haxe.

If you are using XML check the syntax.

Give me more info and maybe I can help you more.

Sorry for the lack of info I’ll add more code. The two programs both made with openfl are a game and the level editor for the game. I’m using the most recent version of haXe and openfl.

I’ve said that because I am using haxe 3.2 which doesn’t have Xml.hx anymore.
Sorry, ignore that statement of mine.

anyway waiting to see something more, hope I can give you an hand :wink:
but as I said before, it should be an XML bad formatted.
are you using XML files at all? I suppose yes since it is an editor.
so get your xml (if they are many or very long) and put them in the W3C validator.
easy easy.
you should find if there is something wrong with them.

if this doesn’t solve, we look at something else :wink: