Copy text from textfield OSX

Hi there,

Is it possible to copy text from a openfl.text.Textfield? One like this:
tf.text=“lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”;

I’m exporting to OSX app, using the latest haxe+openfl version


I think this is supported:

Perhaps this is only for type INPUT. Would you mind seeing if INPUT works for you with copy/paste?

If Flash Player supports copy shortcuts on regular selectable text, perhaps this functionality could be made to work for all selectable text.


Thanks for the hint, I’ll give it a go.

Copy/paste works ok when type=INPUT. Cut works too.

I happened to find that displayAsPassword=true does not work at all. Is that some OSX related issue?


So it sounds like we need to move the clipboard support to work when input is not enabled (but selected is) and need to look at making displayAsPassword supported

We recently had a big overhaul in TextField for accuracy, a huge number of improvements but it still takes time to continue to polish :wink:

Definitely these things are not done in one day.