Convert swf to html/javascript/etc

Brand new to haxe and openfl. Tried to “process” my swf with open fl and received errors. Anyone who can shed some light on how to convert the flash “app” to html5/javascript/etc your help is greatly appreciated.

C:\test>openfl process test.swf c::\output
Called from ? line 1
Called from Tools.hx line 562
Called from Tools.hx line 599
Called from format/swf/exporters/SWFLiteExporter.hx line 59
Called from format/swf/exporters/SWFLiteExporter.hx line 98
Called from format/swf/exporters/SWFLiteExporter.hx line 925
Uncaught exception - Invalid field access : superclass

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

This looks like a minor regression, since we received contributions to enable simple framescript exporting from SWF assets. I’ve just added a fix that I think would workaround this crash you received.

We have support for processing SWF art assets, for use with OpenFL projects, but ActionScript 3 code must be converted separately, as we don’t support full framescript-to-Haxe code conversion

Do you have the source for your Flash application?

We just released a new minor release, which may help with this issue. Have a great day :slight_smile:

I was able to download the “update” and process the SWF. Thank you for the quick response.

My next question: How do I actually get the output into/on an HTML page. Is there an example somewhere?

Thank you again.

Yes, I have all the source for the swf. Is there some method for converting (automatically) the *.as and *.mxml and ajax calls to haxe?

I would recommend that you try some of the OpenFL samples, such as “NyanCat”, that helps show what a simple project (using SWF assets) might look like

openfl create NyanCat
cd NyanCat
openfl test html5

There’s also a tutorial for Using SWF Assets

I would recommend starting small, so you can get a feel for Haxe and OpenFL. There is a library that does help with automatic ActionScript 3 to Haxe conversion called “as3hx”, but it can be somewhat confusing to fix compile errors if you haven’t used Haxe before. It’s very similar, but certain things (such as for loops) are different

haxelib install as3hx
haxelib run as3hx path/to/AS3/source path/for/generated/Haxe/output

This might help: