Contribute - Linux build problem - asset class not found

Hi, I found one issue with working on Linux and I want to point to a solution if anyone experiences the similar issue. In the same time I would like to suggest creators to rethink this issue over.

Here is the catch…

If you request from the project to generate you classes this will create problems when working on Linux if the fist character of the asset name is a capital case.

library path=“assets/MainAssetPack.swf” preload=“true” generate=“true”

Te compiler will try to follow a Haxe standard and create packages that start with lower case. This will result in creation of a generated package called

However the compiler will generate classes inside a folder which will start with a capital case MainAssetPack

the compiler will try to fetch the class inside the folder but will not find it because of the case sensitive nature of the Linux … This will result in a build error

  • Running command: haxe bin/html5/haxe/release.hxml
    Type not found : mainAssetPack_fla.Footballanim1_39

the type is not found because the class is located inside a folder “MainAssetPack_fla” while the package is defined as “mainAssetPack_fla”

in order to avoid this issue all asset names must start with a lower case.

Maybe this will be helpful for someone who is experience similar issues and maybe someone can add checks or warning when working on two

This might be resolved in the develop version of OpenFL, I regularly use Linux and do care about case sensitivity! We have been working on a newer SWF format to solve a number of concerns with the SWFLite format

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